Authors & Publisher Marketing

Author and publisher marketing borrows similarity to Google search engine optimization meta tags techniques.  For authors, the product description, the title of the book, the keywords behind the book, the blogs, and posts around the book is essential in creating and driving awareness around the book. Amazon search engine is better able to provide relevancy by the HTML code and emphasis of certain text in the product description in its native HTML format is preferred.

Leveraging Amazon advertising and keywords strategy and targeting is another way to target audiences by their keyword searches and lookalike audiences (who may be inclined to read your book) diligently and efficiently at a low cost of marketing.

However, the fullest way to drive the success of a book and an author's brand is to think outside of Amazon. Investment in Google ads, SEO capabilities for the websites of these authors, and consistent blog posts are crucial to driving the edge to conversions and awareness of your book. 

One other key step is knowing your audience and targeting them effectively on Google. Leveraging data science, identifying keywords and target audiences and segments that read certain genres of books will be critical in ensuring that your book is pinpoint accurate in reaching the right audience.