Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing involves creating and driving awareness around an online store’s product, its value to a consumer, and the product's main or sub-brand. The laws of marketing from a 4P strategy can be translated to an eCommerce marketing strategy however the core difference is understanding data and converting consumers diligently and efficiently at a low cost of marketing.

Excellence in eCommerce marketing  is understanding the two-way platform of buyers, sellers, and the propensity of demand generation across various segments.  Ecommerce marketing is not about impressions, eyeballs, and page visits, rather it is the quality of reaching out to your quality and high potential consumers who are ready to purchase your product. 

Marketing for e-commerce is more tactical and less broad, it has to have a very strong call to action and very tactical content strategy across the various digital marketing channels of advertising and communication.  The other key in eCommerce marketing is to market and optimize the channels to the right target audience and the right mix so that effort is not wasted and the marketing efforts will be efficient in driving the goal for that segment.  E-commerce marketing is also not about spamming and bombarding a consumer but offering dynamic content to pique their intention to purchase and eventually close the sale.