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Who runs the world? Data.

Who runs the world? Data.

The best way to illustrate why Data is king and why data runs the world is to tell it through a story. For decades, marketers used to conduct marketing campaigns using “data”. Data came in the form of qualitative and quantitative data. Data came in the form of demographic and psychographic data. Data came from numerous sources like consumer focus groups, data from research companies, financial data, and 3rd party data. Data can be classified into primary data and secondary data.

“Confidence is good but data is better. The choice is yours. You can either hire a team of data scientists, creative agencies, media agencies, marketing directors, and managers or you can buy our affordable services monthly.”

Marketing on the other hand was and perhaps still is non-consultative to data for the majority of the marketeer. The true marketers with the tools that they had at that time used data more often than not in the analysis of business cases, hypothesis testing, and forecasting. Forecasting was the closest to predictive analytics (AI) for most marketers. And data was also expensive, difficult to access, and time-consuming to breakdown to meaningful nuggets.

“Anyone can run a social media campaign and manage a social media account. How many of the social media managers out there are grounded and using data science? Marketing is only fluff when you entertain it. We show you what social media marketing is all about when you use data science.”

In the turn of the last decade, data science, data science tools, and data science programming language has democratized access to data mining and data analysis. This allowed the proliferation of data engineers and scientists to emerge however their emergence was massively polarized against the laggards in that era of the data revolution. Some industries were slow to transform into a data-based marketing operation and specifically, marketers were still holding on to the flower spin of copy and creative artwork oblivious to the fact they were declining in the data intellect space and that suffering propelled them to have an aversion to data. Yet at tandem, it was common to hear marketeers champion data. And talk about data. Proclaim that they use “data” and they make data-driven decisions. They are not entirely inaccurate, but their interpretation of data is obsolete and the absence of understanding of the power behind data renders their commentary shallow to the evolution of marketing.

“Hint: when you hear your team use marketing buzzwords more than once in your discussions, it's either time for them to leave or you to find a better place. Many marketers will tell you about the 360 degrees marketing plan, the holistic plan, and the omnichannel strategy. And if they can’t articulate linear regression, k-means clustering, factor analysis and conjoint analysis in the same breath, then you have us. Get rid of the fluff.”

Here is what the real pioneers were doing with data-driven marketing strategies while others were paying lip service. Data scientists were conducting a series of data analysis methods to conduct better targeting, segmentation, prospecting, and conversions. Data scientists were able to develop inbound marketing wins and marketing automation with lookalike audiences. Data scientists were working on retargeting, remarketing, and analyzing the consumer marketing funnel journey including a/b testing marketing online campaigns.

“The agency days of one-size-fits-all offerings, exorbitant commissions, incomprehensible hourly fee rates, and annual retainers are no longer necessary. It is also no longer worth the time being stuck with an agency for a whole year especially when they do not deliver. Get the marketing services you need on your terms and based on your demands through our ala-carte offerings.”

So then, why do we need marketers? Data scientists would be the solution then since it seems quite straightforward. Well, the answer is not really because the issue is that these data scientists were never living or trained in marketing and have no knowledge of translating hard data and facts into useable information for marketing communication and consumer-friendly languages. The real solution is to find a hybrid between a data scientist and a marketeer. Imagine a team of marketers with over 10 years of marketing experience trained in data science and highly equipped to perform end to end role of data analysis to executing marketing campaigns. Sounds like a dream come true, why not employ data scientists, advertising agency, media agency, and marketers and get them to work closely together to implement and execute marketing campaigns. That could work but how many of the companies out there can afford time, money, and rounds of iteration to get to the right formula for them to have their business results realized.

Here is why marketibble is the solution for companies out there. marketibble marries data science, creative agency work, social media marketing like facebook marketing, seo marketing, google search or sem marketing, and omnichannel marketing.

marketibble offers digital marketing services on demand that relies on data science. The marketing services are offered in packages like the data science package, social media package, omni channel package, and ala-carte offerings as well. The packages offer a set of features from seo, data science, google search, copywriting (copywriter), email edms, google display banner ads(graphic designer), social media posts(social media management) & campaign marketing.

marketibble removes the fluff from marketing and ensures facts drive the growth of the business from a digital marketing strategy outlook with high conversion rate optimization and earned media.

marketibble is the place where you can get on-demand digital marketing services backed by data science. Managed by experts who have over a decade experience in the hard skills of data science and the soft skills in marketing, marketibble takes the fluff out of marketing and brings back the facts. Get started in our monthly and/or ala-carte solutions.

Data science

markettible offers data science solutions using R programming in the Data Science Package. The data science package offers essential data mining and analysis to target and segment audience groups effectively.

Social Media

markettible offers the Social Media Package that has differentiated social media solutions using data science. The social media package involves developing social media ad content and optimizing these contents to drive conversions.

Omnichannel Package

markettible offers data-driven omnichannel solutions in the Omnichannel Package. The omnichannel package provides all 8 core marketing services including an end to end development, management, and reporting of the campaign.

Ala-carte offerings

marketibble offers ala-carte marketing services on demand. The ala-carte offerings provide additional services and customization for companies that want to leverage our team’s expertise in an array of digital marketing solutions to maintain an edge over their competition.

markettible offers 8 differentiated on-demand marketing services, through the use of data science, to segment, target, prospect, and convert your audience. We have the data talent and the soft skills in marketing needed to drive the growth in any digital campaign. Beat the competition with marketibble.