Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate marketing is about getting the real estate agent the visibility he or she needs as well as his or her properties front and center away from the crowded field of real estate listing platforms and properties.  

The strategy involves targeting, segmenting, and getting the right audience for each property type. This involves using the right keywords, an SEO strategy, and the right ads reaching out to the right audience group.

Most of the listing platforms are not SEO specific to the agent's profile, reputation, sales accomplishments, and property types. Instead, these sites are doing SEO in a very broad and generic way with little or no targeting.


The agent has to understand that to stand out in a crowd of millions of other real estate agents, its no longer just about luck, its no longer just about relationships and word of mouth, it is about a digital footprint of track record (from their own website, to customer reviews, to social media videos, to visibility on search engines) that is transparently and credibly available for the potential home buyer or home seller to view and be convinced.